Interiors & Exteriors

In design, like most other things in life, one thing leads to another…

It’s hard to get away from the simple fact that interiors and exteriors are inextricably linked and it’s important to think about each in relationship to the other.

At Feng Modern we approach the design of a home, office, interior/exterior in much the same way – looking for the best way to create the backdrop or support for the life and goings on in that environment. Be it a feeling of calm clarity or the motivation and excitement needed to spark a business.

We can help you work out the best colours for your project, look at options for garden designs and help with space planning and interior/exterior design.

Below are some links to other projects that may inspire you.




The Delonix House

Built on a tiny block of land in Carrington, Newcastle. This modular house made the most of a bad situation. Built in only 4 months, the house takes in ocean breezes and was met with gasps of adoration when it arrived one sunny morning on the back of a semi-trailer.

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The Lake House Renovation

This once neglected rental property was transformed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful holiday style home on the NSW Central Coast. The house had a native garden planted and the interiors celebrated its retro past.

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Creating a Colour Check

If you’re considering painting your home and are not sure about your colour choices, then it’s worth having a Colour-Check done to make sure that you’re happy with what the final result will be.

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