Seaworthy: The Delonix House

The Delonix house is a small modular house built on a block of land that is less than 6m wide, close to the heart of Newcastle.

The original design by Feng Modern was planned to be built onsite, the standard way. However it became apparent that with such a small block of land, having builders on site could be problematic – with nowhere to store materials and lack of space once scaffolding was in place.

The alternative was to build the house offsite. This was done by Parkwood Homes in Somersby, NSW. Feng Modern supplied council approved plans to Parkwood homes which were then sent to their engineers to create the final plans to build from.

Building offsite provided a number of benefits: it was about 30% cheaper and it only took 4 months to build from start to finish. Once the house had been delivered it was up to Feng Modern to connect all the external services – electricity, water, gas and sewer services.


Paul Bevan from ABC Newcastle discusses the house with Shane Delonix



The Gardens

To increase the amount of space available for plants in the front garden the driveway has circles cut out. These circles are planted with various blue green grasses, carnations and mondo grasses and help to stop half of the front yard from being a giant concrete block.

Circles were chosen instead of the more traditional strip down the centre to avoid making the block appear even narrower than it already is.

In the back garden gabion cages have been built at various heights to add interest to the small space. These have been filled with a number of different types of succulents as well as Dracena Dracos, which over time will become large and exotic looking.