Before you spend thousands of dollars having your house painted (or weeks of your time) it’s worth having a Colour-Check done.

We can mock-up various colour options for you so that you can see exactly what your house will look like when it’s painted, we can also offer suggestions if you’re not sure where to start.

Choosing colours can be tricky and it’s worth taking into account the age and condition of your house. A very bold or high contrast range of colours may look great on a freshly built or renovated home but could bring to light all the less than desirable parts of an older house.

It’s also worth thinking about what the colour will look like in a few years time. Some colours look great when first painted but can look tired and dirty within a very short time. You also need to ask yourself whether you intend to change everything throughout the house if you are making a major colour change, or whether you just want to refine and refresh the colours that you currently have. Changing your colours drastically can create a lot more work for the painter and sometimes a slight change in colour is all that is needed to really bring a home to life.

Below is an example of how a simple Colour-Check helped a home owner commit to a new colour scheme.


Terracotta Refresh

The original colour scheme was terracotta & blue and had been this way for a long time.

The owner wanted to either change the colour completely or look at a slight tweak to create a more contemporary colour scheme.






We also looked at what the house might look like if painted in a completely new colour scheme.

The challenge however when changing a scheme so dramatically is the flow on effects for all of the other colours that are inside the house as well as the extra work created for the painting team.